Why Is Silica So Important To The Body?

Something about Silica

A lot of people have been really focusing on silica lately. This element has been a focus of a lot of research and studies due to its nutritional properties. According to the latest buzzword, silica or silicon as it is commonly known is important to manage calcium reserves in our body and also helps in collagen formation.

The lime light has indeed shifted from calcium to silica. The truth is even if you take adequate amounts of calcium, you may have problems if you don’t have adequate levels of silica in your body. This is because the body does not know how to manage calcium without silica and tends to store it in all kinds of places except the bone. So, calcium deposition can take place in places like soft tissues, joints, organs and arterial walls. This can lead to problems like arthrosclerosis, arthritis and even gall stones. When you take adequate quantity of silica, then calcium mainly gets stored in the bone. Hence, silica can actually prevent all these issues. It also helps in the prevention of problems like bone porosity and loss of flexibility by helping in the formation of the collagen matrix.

The surface of the earth abounds with silica. Although this element is present in the natural and the man made world in abundance, its importance in the world of nutrition has recently been established. It is found in rocks, glass, nails, tissues, tendons, cartilage, blood vessels and bone. Silica is similar to carbon as far as forming long bonds and chain molecules is concerned. As a result, it can form a variety of complex molecules in both plant and the animal kingdom. The recent researches have also revealed that the lack of this element can cause a lot of problems like delayed growth and even lack of bone development. When rabbits were fed diets which lacked or were low in this nutrient, they developed plaques in the walls of the arteries.

Here is a paradox; though silica is one of the most abundant elements on the surface of the earth, yet human body tends to become deficient in it. Why is that? According to various books and sources, silica is a common constituent in rice, oats and wheat hulls. Moreover, it’s also found in nettles, comfrey and other herbs like horsetail. Then, why are we unable to get an adequate supply of silica from all these sources? The simple answer is due to the excessive food processing. The unwarranted use of chemicals and pesticides needs to be offset by processing the food and getting rid of all the chemicals. Silica is easily lost in all that processing. So, in spite of silica being present every where on the planet, we hardly get the amount we need into our bodies.

However, thanks to the modern technology, there is a solution to this problem in the form of supplements. These supplements can help in enhancing the levels of silica in the body which in turn can help in normalizing all the other functions of the body. SilaLive Silica is an important element particularly for people who are prone to osteoporosis or other bone related issues due to genetics or even lifestyle. These supplements can help you to be healthy and strong despite your age!

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